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Well, it seems I have been a bit delinquent in posting about my glass blowing habit.

It all started over a year ago, when I took classes with Jim Topic, a wonderful glass blower (gaffer in glass speak) in Nauvoo.  Rick Alexander, a good friend of mine, went with.  The draw was instantaneous.  Working with the fluid media known as glass was amazing.  Jim was patient and wonderful at helping us express ourselves.  Made few marbles and a small bowel (oops, meant bowl, a little medical humor gone bad)  the first time.  By the third lesson, with help, I was able to make a beautiful vase.

I was smitten.  Rick began the search for glass blowing equipment.  We found a glory hole (reheating furnace) in Massachusetts.  Just so happened my son Steven was pulling an empty trailer from Maine home for July 4th.  Then Fairfield schools was getting rid of all their old glass blowing equipment.  We were the only bid, so got some annealers and equipment at a reasonable cost.

Then came the repair of all the equipment.  I was not too aware of how to change elements in a kiln, or the electronics involved.  the only new piece of equipment I bought was the kiln  (electric) that keeps the glass melted.  It was the thing I had the most trouble with.  The folks with the company were wonderful, but it took sending the control panel to Texas and getting it back only to find it did not work to figure out it was a wire that was out of place.  Go figure.  In any case, I am pretty attuned to how to trouble shoot that crucible kiln now.

During this time I had Lavern and Larry Weaver put cement in the shed I was going to use.  Rick helped close it in hang doors.  I had the Justin Chaplin add an electric panel.  I then went about insulating, wiring and putting metal on the inside.  As things go it always takes 3 times as long as you plan.  Randy Wiley and company, with assist from Ron Potts of B&B propane got me all hooked up for the ovens.

After wrestling with the crucible kiln, I was finally on my way.  About a year after I started.

The source of my frustration

The source of my frustration

Since my start I have gone from weird forms of glass with not much utility, to making christmas ornaments that, if I say so, aren’t too shabby.

I can now, usually, well about 3/5 times make what I set out to make.  It may have a bit of a sway to it, but it seems to work.

I had planned to add a few pictures to this post, but I am still struggling a bit with wordpress (the blog manager)

Hope to have that figured out in the future.

All I can say at this time is;  It is great to be up and running,  I haven’t burnt anything important, I look forward to any time I spend in the shop, and hope to start using color soon

Well, that’s it for now.  Will try to post, with pictures, more in the near future.