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Bloom and Bark LLC consists of owners Kim (the boss) and self-taught glass blower Tim, along with 3 large rescued dogs, 3 cats, 2 horses and 26 chickens.  

Primarily, we blow glass, we sell glass, and we love glass. Creating beautiful art from fire, gravity, and air is something that is inspiring to many, yet it is an ancient skill that few practice today. Tim creates in a complete Hot Shop in the cooler months and in his new Open Air Studio during the summer months. The Hot Shop and Open Air Studio are located adjacent to the Local Artisan Market, home to an eclectic display of not only his work, but the work of various artists using other mediums, all located within a 100 mile radius of Van Buren County. Bloom and Bark offers a unique option for anyone looking for a gift, a splash of color in their decor or an experience that will last a lifetime. Come join us on the farm!

This sign pretty much sums up our adventure thus far in life.  So much hard work, joy, laughter and a bit of sorrow.  We would not exchange it for a zillon dollars.

Enjoying a cold one after a long day.  Yep, Tim made the glasses.