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Ornament Making Class:  (No experience needed!)  Experience the magic of glass blowing.  These ornaments are not just for the holidays.  They are beautiful to display year around.  In this class we will help you create your own ornament to take home.

  • $35 per ornament (includes 2 colors of your choice) which generally takes 10-15 minutes per ornament.  Minimum of 2 students/Maximum of 6 students per class.***       NOTE:  For classes with less than 6 students, Bloom and Bark may add additional students to the scheduled class time to fill the class with a maximum of 6 students.  Private classes are available for an additional $10 per student.
      • Additional ornaments can be made for only $32 each!

Hot Glass Sculpture Class:  (No experience needed!)  Experience the magic of sculpting molten glass.  Transform molten glass into Twisted Paperweights, Bunnies, Fish or Birds.  Students choose colors melt them in the reheating oven, then coax the glass using gravity, wooden molds and glass sculpturing tools to create their own work of art.   Students work one at a time with the instructor.  Each piece will take approximately 20-30 minutes to make.   Each student may choose one shape they wish to create, additional pieces may be made if time allows.

  • $200 per class.  Class has a Minimum/Maximum of 4 students.  Each student makes one sculpture.  If there are less than 4 students, participating students will make additional sculptures for a maximum of 4 sculptures.  Allow 20-30 minutes per sculpture. ***

Glass Cup Class:  (No experience needed!)      Experience the thrill of blowing and crafting your very own drinking glass.  Select your colors and we will help you transform your idea into a functional work of art.

  • $60 per glass (includes 2 colors of your choice). Takes approximately 30 minutes per glass.  Minimum of 2 students/Maximum of 4 students per class.***

Combo Ornament and Cup Class:  (No experience needed!)  This is a combination of our ornament and cup making classes, for those folks that like to mix it up.

  • $60 per glass and/or $35 per ornament (includes 2 colors of your choice) Minimum of 2 students/Maximum of 4 students per class.***

Combo Class:  (No experience needed!)   This can be a combination of any of our classes.  Please contact us for pricing and details.

Glass Blowing Basics Instructional Class:  (No experience needed!)      Try your hand at hot glassblowing. Turn molten glass on a pipe, use tools, heat, gravity, and air pressure to transform the glass into your own work of art.   In this class you’ll get familiar with the Studio equipment and tools.  You may take home everything you create.  Please note only clear glass will be used for this class.

  • 2 hour class with 2 students $180.  With guidance from the instructor, the two students will work as a team to create unique pieces of glass blown art.  (additional time may be scheduled at the rate of  $90 per hour)***
  • 2 hour class with 1 student $130.  Student will work one on one with the instructor for individual instruction to create your very own unique pieces of blown glass. (additional time may be scheduled at the rate of  $90 per hour)***

New Glass Blowing Class:  We are always looking to add new classes, check our website,  FaceBook page or call for details

***  Items will require a 24-48  hour cool down period before you can take them home.  You may stop out the next day or schedule a time to pick up your creations. We can also ship them to you.  Class size is flexible – just ask.


Requirements for ALL HOT GLASS CLASSES:

  • Must be at least 12 years old (must be accompanied by adult if under age 18)
  • Comfortable COTTON clothing – do not wear excessively loose and baggy clothing.
    • Long Shorts (to knee) may be worn for the Ornament Making Class.
    • Pants must be worn for the Glass Blowing Basics Instructional Class, Cup Making and Sculpture.
    • No Sleeveless Shirts
  • Closed-toe/heal sturdy shoes (sneakers are fine). No Sandals, Crocks or Clogs.
  • Hair must be tied back
  • It does get very warm in the glass studio, so wearing layers is always a good choice.  During the summer months we use our Open Air Studio which is a structure with a roof and no walls.  The temperature in the Open Air Studio will be similar to the outside temperature.
  • Anyone not dressed as required will NOT be allowed to blow glass.  No Exceptions!
  • Bring water to drink
  • Protective eye-wear will be provided.

Call or email to schedule an appointment.  Glass blowing opportunities are available by appointment only.