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We are offering a Hot Glass Sculpture Class (no lips to the pipe). Students will transform molten glass into Twisted Paperweights, Bunnies, Fish or Birds.

Some happy students in our Hot Glass Sculpture Class.  Melting colors, transforming and coaxing molten glass using gravity, wooden molds and glass sculpture tools to create Twisted Paperweights, Bunnies, Fish and Birds.
Good Hot Fun!!


Class registration will be In Person Only

  • Friday 5/28 & Saturday 5/29 10am-4pm

  • Sunday 5/30 1pm-4pm

Can’t make it in this weekend?

  • Tuesday 6/01 email & phone class registration accepted
  • Classes begin in June

Stop out this weekend, be the first to pick your spot on the calendar!

**We do still require masks**


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